Stephen F Austin to David G. Burnet, 10-05-1835

Summary: Urging unity. Beginning of movement for independence, but cannot announce it

San Felipe Oct. 5, 1835

Mr friend—All goes well and gloriously for Texas—the whole country is in arms and moved by one spirit, which is to take Bexar and drive all the military out of TexasThis is as it should be— No half way measures now—war in full

I hope you will enter ardently and warmly in the cause— Now is the time—no more doubts—no submission— I hope to see Texas forever free from Mexican domination of any kind— It is yet too soon to say this publically—but that is the point we shall aim at—and it is the one I am aiming at— But we must arrive at it by steps. And not all at one jump—

S. F. Austin [Rubric.]

[Addressed:] D. G. Burnet Esqr.- San Jacinto.