Stephen F Austin to Permanent Council, 10-08-1835

Summary: Instructions for collecting cannon and powder and lead

Mosley's Oct. 8, 1835

To the Council

I recommend most particularly, that you send a confidential person up to Tenoxtitlan after the Cannon at that place and have brought down to Washington or San Felipe so as to be ready mounted for the Nacogdoches troops to bring on—they must not leave it—write in my name to T. F. McKinney to send up at any cost, all the lead and powder he can—

If the cannon at Harrisburg can be got over, it would be well to do so it ought to be done— Every one must be active now

S. F. Austin

To Gail Borden and the Committee

Send me some sugar coffee and 4 quires paper and three or four sticks of sealing wax and some wafers—it is uncertain when I shall be back.

Write by every opportunity to Nacogdoches and Ayish bayou— Lead— Lead we want Lead— let them know this at Nacogdoches There is some sealing wax in my black trunk I believe

S. F. A.

Gail Borden and other members.

You might get some one from Coles' settlement to go for the Cannon at Tenoxtitlan I think Allcorn would go

Send me a blank book that is in the red trunk—it is the one that I commenced copying letters in, it is of foolscap paper—send all these by the first safe hand—also send me Cos's letter my answer and copy of my letter to Ugartechea it is in Spanish and also in the file— also Thompsons proclamation it is in print and on file or in the paper case in one of the pigeon holes

S. F. Austin [Rubric]

also send me the proceedings of the first meeting at Colombia 15 Augt. and the meeting at San Felipe 12 Sept. I want the proceedings of the first meetings at Nacogdoches and San Agustin and all the other meetings in every place where they have resolved to support the constitution of 1824Jack had the proceedings of San Agustin and Nacogdoches.

S. F. A.

N. B. By request of Austin [Bryan] you will send his shoes they are in his room— Mosley

[Addressed:] Gail Borden and the Committee San Felipe

San Felipe