Stephen F Austin to Permanent Council, 10-25-1835

Summary: Memorandum of procedure for the consultation

Camp Salado Oct 25. 1835

I am fixed here during the war my health is very bad—my spirits good —the members return to hold the consultation— If there has been too much precipitation heretofore, it ought to be a lesson to avoid that error in future—, The inclosed is a memorandum of the full extent to which I think the consultation ought to go—any thing beyond this, like forming a new constitution etc. would do harm and probably produce a great confusion—the consultation ought to do as little as can be gotten along with, at present

This is my opinion

I wish you to show the inclosed memorandum to Zavala and this note—

S. F. Austin [Rubric]

[Memorandum] A Declaration confirming the pronouncements made by the people at their Municipal Meetings to sustain the Federal Constitution of 1824 and the Federal system which the Army of Texas are now defending—

2.d To declare Texas a State of the Mexican Federation, in consequence of the dissolution of, the Constitutional Government of Coahuila and Texas, by Military intervention—

3.rd Declare that a provisional local Government be organized for the State of Texas, under the Constitutional Law of 7 May 1824 and appoint a provisional Governor and Lieut. Governor

4— Declare the existing laws and Constitution of the State of Coahuila and Texas to be provisionally in force, with such exceptions as may be deemed proper until a Constitution is formed.

5.— Pledge the faith of the State to raise funds and Means, arms and men to sustain the War in defense of the Constitution and Federal system

6. Secure the Lands and interests of the Indians, and declare all fraudulent and illegal sales or grants of Land made by the State Government of Coahuila and Texas, since April 1833 to be Null and void—

7.— Establish a provisional Express Department

8.- Organize the militia and appoint a Commander in chief

9.— Raise 300 infantry and 150 Cavalry and a Corps of Artillery as regular Troops