Stephen F Austin to James Bowie and James Fannin, 11-01-1835

Summary: Military plans

Head Quarters Novemr lst 1835

To Col° James Bowie and Captn Fanning,

Your communication of this morning was received and is satisfactory in every respect to myself and all others—

I sent in a demand today, for a surrender Genl Cos stated that his duty would not permit him to receive any official communication and of course it was returned, unopened,— He in a short time after sent out Padre Garza with a flag to say to me, verbally that he had absolute orders from his Government to fortify Bexar and hold it at all hazards—that as a military man His honor and duty required obedience to these orders, that he would defend the place until he died, if he had only ten men left with him—

This is all that has passed between us— I approached on this side to day within Cannon shot—they fired four at us—one shot (Ball) passed over our heads and one of grape fell in the lines but fortunately injured no one—

From every information the fortifications are much stronger than has been supposed and the difficulty of storming of course much greater,—The system of alarms will be kept up as much as possible night and day, and the place invested as closely as practicable— For this purpose I expect to station the Adjutant General with a competent force at the old mill, a short distance from there—

I have no information yet of Travis— A report reached Camp this afternoon through a person from Bexar that an Express had just been received there, stating that Savariego had escaped from S. Felipe and had raised the Irish on the Nueces, and in union with the troops at that place had attacked Goliad—It is however only a report—

The enclosed papers is from a Confidential source— I had forgotten to mention that the Adjutant General made a demonstration on the other side with a Detachment

S. F. Austin [Rubric]

Since the within was written I have received yours of this afternoon— The forces are not so unequally divided as appears at first view—Travis is constantly out on some extra duty— He is now out, I expect him to night and must then send him to escort the cannon— I wish to occupy the mill and another position— our prisoners are dayly increasing and require a strong guard.

However as equal a division will be made as is compatible with the service—we have many sick— Every thing shall be done on my part possible for the service and to keep up harmony.

Our position here is far from being a strong one— we have no bank for defense—a good position can not be found without going too far off. I submit these matters to your calm judgement— It is known that head quarters are here and the main attack will be here if any is made

I have just heard from Travis he will not be back untill late tomorrow

S. F. Austin [Rubric]