Stephen F Austin to Unknown, 11-02-1835

Summary: Voting not to storm Bexar

Head Quarters Novr. 2 1835

At the Councel of War called on this morning, Consisting of Gen1 S. F. Austin, Commander in chief, Coln. Warren D C Hall Adjt. Genl. Coln. John H Moore, Lieut Coln Burleson, Majr Wm H Jack, Coln Patrick Jack Quarter Master Genl. Majr. Somerville, Majr. Benj. W. Smith, Captn. Caldwell, Captn Ebberly, Capn. Bennett, Captn. Swilcher, Captn Bird Captn. Goheen, Captn. John Alley, Captn. Nail, Lieut. Aldridge, Leut. Splan, Leut. Hassell, Leut. Barnett, Leut. Money, Leut. Hunt, Leut. Perry Leut. Stapp, Lieut. Hinsley and Lieut Dickenson

— The object of the call of the Council, being explained by the Commander in chief to be, to have the opinion and determination of the officers in regard to the best measures of immediate operation on the enemy, whether by closer investment simply or by storm—after much conversation and discussion, It was proposed by Majr. W H Jack, that the question be directly put to the Council, whether a storm would or would not be expedient at the present moment—on the information, in possession of the Commander in chief in regard to the State of fortifications in Bejar being submitted— The question was accordingly put by the Commander in chief, and the same was decided in the negative by all the officers present, with the exception of Majr. Benjn. W Smith who voted substantially in the affirmative, saying that in his opinion the Town ought to be taken immediately.—

It was then decided unanimously by the Council, that such positions should be taken for the Army, at present as would best secure it from the Cannon shot of the enemy and enable it at the same time to carry on offensive operations, whilst we are waiting for the larger 18 lb cannon and additional reinforcements.—

[S. F. Austin.]