Stephen F Austin to President of Consultation, 11-08-1835

Summary: Urging organization of civil government and establishment of army

Head Quarters Nov. 8. 1835

In addition to my recommendation as to the usefulness of Dr. Richardson as an agent in some parts of the U. S. I have to add that he can be of great use in procuring men and vessels to protect our coasts and in stimulating men and popular opinion in favor of the cause of Texas and of the constitution.— I am however of the opinion that all depends on an immediate organization of a civil govt. and also of an army with an experienced military man to command it—

Not one moment should be lost in doing this—all, everything depends upon it—Delay will be ruinous— There must be a Govt. to give confidence to our system—

S. F. Austin [Rubric]

The communication of the council of 30 ult. giving an account of the supplies of cloathing, cannon etc on the road have been recd-—and have given great satisfaction—hurry on reenforcements

S. F. Austin