Stephen F Austin to James F Perry, 12-17-1835

Summary: Statement concerning the eleven league grants that he bought in 1832. Other property. Business instructions to Perry

I purchased three eleven league tracts of Aguirrie of Saltillo. The power of attorney to take possession of this land and sell it was given to Wil- liams by Aguirrie. Of these tracts one was sold to Mr. St John by Williams with my consent. One was sold to John Austin without my consent and one still belongs to me and was located by me on the east side of Colorado at the foot of the mountains surveyed by Fernando Rodriguiz which I paid him for and left with Williams. All these things will be fairly stated and settled by Williams, I have no doubt. I wish you to attend to it all and all my business as well as you can, but not to involve yourself in any way in any of my affairs. I gave Austin Bryan a note on James H. Bell (I think that is his name) for fifteen cows and calves to be delivered at his home nearly opposite San Felipe on the 15 April next. Drive them to Chocolate. I indorced the note to be credited in my a/c for money advanced by you for me when in mexico.

I wish the title for the land belonging to me that is in my brothers name which I purchased from others, transfered to me by order of court, as soon as it can be done My part of the matagorda tract is one of them, which I got from Whiteman [Wightman] by exchanging other land for it.

I wish to adopt Stephen F. (my brothers son) and that he should be delivered up to me, to be dealt by as my own son.

I wish you to make titles in my name for the Brasoria lots that have been sold.

Dec.r 17. 1835 S. F. Austin

As regards the upper colony—I have never yet rec'd. one cent. I have had nothing to do with it. My name has been used for the benifit of others and I have rec'd. all the abuse and calumny. Williams knows all about it.

S. F. Austin