Stephen F Austin to R R Royall and S. Rhoads Fisher, 01-07-1836

Summary: Advising declaration of independence

New Orleans, January 7, 1836.

Messrs. R. R. Royall and S. Rhoads Fisher.

Dear Sirs:

I am happy to inform you that the cause of Texas and of liberty stands very high in this city and all over the United States. The spirit of the people is aroused by the evident justice of our cause, and they will sustain us. The universal wish and expectation in this quarter is that Texas ought to declare herself independent at once.

I have always been cautious and unwilling to involve the pioneers and actual settlers of Texas in anything like precipitation. As to the right of Texas to declare herself absolutely independent, I have no doubt; none can possible exist; but, when I left home, I was not fully satisfied that we should be sufficiently sustained. Information received here has satisfied me on this subject. The people of Texas in future need not hesitate to declare independence, from any doubts about being sustained; and, as for myself, I am willing to go into the measure, and believe we ought to do it without delay. ,

At the last accounts Santa Anna had left Mexico and was rapidly marching on to Texas. He had rached San Luis Potosi.

S. F. Austin