Stephen F Austin to Gail Borden, Jr., 01-18-1836

Summary: Opinion in United States insists on independence. Drawing for a flag -

New Orleans Jan 18, 1836

Dr Sir,

Texas continues to rise all over this country, our rise in public opinion and confidence is however based entirely on the prospect of a speedy declaration of independence— I have assured every one that this measure is certain and will be unanimous, as all the reasons in favor of the declaration of 7 Novr. have entirely ceased owing to the federal party having united with Santanna against us—

My health is greatly improved—had it been as good before I left home, I should have come on from San Felipe by land and avoided the excitement which I found blazing at Quintana and other places in the low country. I shall preach independence all over the U. S. wherever I go— What do you think of the inclosed idea of a flag?

Mr. William Bryan has promised to attend to your business, but no insurance can be effected

S. F. Austin [Rubric]

[Addressed:] Gail Borden Jr San Felipe de Austin Texas

To be mailed at San Augustine or Nacogdoches