Stephen F Austin to Mary Austin Holley, 02-16-1836

Summary: Great enthusiasm for Texas. Ladies of Nashville agree to arm and equip a company of volunteers

Nashville, Feb. 16, 1836.

Dear Cousin

I have been detained by the ice but expect to leave for Louisville tomorrow. I have been treated with the greatest kindness and hospitality in this city; and was never more grateful or pleased with any place in my life. The greatest enthusiasm pervades all ranks and sexes here in favor of the cause of Texas. The Ladies of Nashville have offered to furnish the means of forming and transporting a company of Volunteers to Texas. It is now raising and will soon be ready. This generous and disinterested act of patriotism is worthy of imitation, and will fill a bright page in the brilliant record of female magnanimity, and devotion to the cause of liberty, of philanthropy and religion. Such is the cause of Texas. We are contending for the right of self-government, and of worshipping God according to the dictates of our consciences. Our object is independence. I hope that the great and patriotic State of Kentucky will join their Sister States of the South in aiding us A fine field is presented for the enterprising This contest once over—and it will soon be over—and Texas will rise and prosper rapidly. Col. T. D. Owings has offered to raise two regiments in Kentucky. March, April, and May next is the time we shall need aid, for by that time Santa Anna will be with his army.

S. F. Austin.