Stephen F Austin to James F Perry, 03-04-1836

Summary: Harmony of the commissioners. Popular opinion friendly in United States

Louisville March 4. 1836

Dr Brother,

The ice and a severe attack of influency and pluricy detained us at NashvilleWharton remained there sick but we expect him dayly—I am now in pritty good health shall go up to Lexington and thence on by Marysville up the Ohio

Every thing is cheering in this part of the world for Texas The hearts of this people are with us— Nothing is now needed but union at home and an absolute and immediate declaration of independence— I hope it is already made by the convention and an express dispatched with it for the commissioners

The most perfect harmony exists between all the commissionersArcher is truly a noble fellow. I have never known him intimately before, and I am very much attached to him— Wharton and myself are on the best of terms and I have no doubt will always continue to be in future—it is not my fault that we ever were otherwise—heretofore we [have] not known each other personally as we might and ought to have— I hope for the good of Texas that we shall harmonize in future, all parties are injurious to our country at this time. We are few in numbers, and we must be united.

Williams will give you the genl. news of the times. I wish you to get him to attend immediately after his arrival to the business I left a memorandum of with you— Life is uncertain and such matters ought to be closed finally— I recommend the Bank he has made arrangements to put in operation—it will be very usefull to Texas and I hope there will be no opposition to it— I cannot believe there will be any— Love to Sister and the children remember me to your neighbors

S. F. Austin [Rubric]

[Addressed:] James F. Perry Esqr. Peach point near Velasco Texas