Henry Austin to James F Perry, 03-05-1836

Summary: Advising Perry to send his family to New Orleans. Fear of Negroes and Indians. Military plans

Brazoria 5 March /36

Mr Jas F Perry

My dear Sir

I am here to embark by the first vessel for N Orleans, to Meet Stephen, raise money, send out provisions and return with all possible dispatch

It appears to me, it would be judicious for you to send Emily and the younger children, for altho I do not believe the enemy can ever penetrate into the heart of the Brazos timber, still I fear our hardest fighting will be on the Colorado or upper Brazos, and the anxiety which Emily would feel at having the enemy so near, the apprehension of a possible rising of the negroes, and the danger that the Indians may avail themselves of the opportunity for plunder, and make an inroad, will distress her much and probably impair her health—besides you would feel much relieved and be more at liberty for personal exertions, were your family in a place of safety—

I will take charge of them, and altho the captn of the Comanche says he shall have no room for pasengers and will take me only in consideration of my being an old sailor, we could enduce him easily to take your family

Mrs Townsend expects to go in the Commanche—

One of my white force has marched mounted-equiped and paid at my cost Estis takes my best Horse, rifle pistols etc and will march with the party for the Colorado reserve— He thinks strongly of forting east of the Brazos near the timber for the Security of the families, and as a place of retreat, and for a bold stand in case the enemy force their way acrost the Colorado, and will do it if he can get a sufficient number to Join— We have 35 acres Corn planted and up, shall have 15 more in next week, the negroes under Mrs Estis can tend it—but we give up the thought of Cotton till my return and the defeat of Santa Anna I shall be here some days to arrange my affairs and then if I can get a horse will come to your place, and go from there to Velasco to embark,

Should you conclude to send Emily and the children come here and let us make the needfull arrangements, We can at the same time finish the business of Brown Austins Estate

best regards to Emily and believe me truly and cordially

H. Austin [Rubric]

[Addressed:] Mr Jas- F Perry Peach Point