Stephen F Austin to A J Yates, 04-23-1836

Summary: Suspending purchase of steamboat

(Copy) New York April 23, 1836

Mr. A. J. Yates


Your letter dated at Washington City, April 1st 1836 containing a report of your proceedings under our letters of Instruction of the 21st and 22nd January last, has been received.

Your several previous letters to us transmitting important information relative to the interests of our country, together with the efforts you have made in her cause, not only meet our warmest approbation, but also entitle you to the gratitude of the people of Texas.

We much regret to be under the necessity of discharging from further consideration, the purchase of a Steam Boat for the Government of Texas, in consequence of its slender finances, and of the immediate and more important demands for money to be applied to sustaining the army already in the field.

The proposition to negotiate a loan in the City of New York which you have presented to us at the City of Washington, cannot be acted on by us, as it requires power with which we are not vested, and we must there fore decline it.

We wish you to send us a statement of the disbursements in the mission in which you have been engaged, from the time of your leaving the City of New Orleans, including your prospective expenses in returning to that City, with the vouchers of the account for our examination, and we will endeavour to provide the means for your reimbursement, before we leave the City.

We still desire to leave the amount of your compensation for services, to be determined by the Government on your return, at the same time giving both you and it, our assurances of unqualified approbation, at the manner in which you have discharged the duties of the situation in which you have been placed by us, and our earnest recommendation to the Government to repay you in a liberal manner, for your exertions in behalf of the Country. We are much gratified to learn of your active efforts to raise a joint stock Steam Boat Company, and fit out a Steam Boat from this City for Texas, on the individual enterprise of your friends.

Permit us to express to you our great satisfaction for your zeal in those efforts, and our earnest desire that you may succeed in accomplishing the object, as we are fully convinced of the great advantages of such a communication to the Government and people of Texas, and we most ardently wish for your success in the undertaking.

S F Austin

Wm. H. Wharton

B T Archer

Commissioners of Texas