Stephen F Austin to William Bryan, 04-24-1836

Summary: Complaining of utter neglect of Texan government to communicate with commissioners

New York April 24th 1836.

Mr William Bryan

Dr Sir,

Yours of the 10th Instant is this moment received: desolation it seems is sweeping over Texas— My heart and soul are sick but my spirit is unbroken— I foresaw the evils of War and have (as is well known) tried to keep them out of Texas—but it was impossible— Santa Anna has raised the bloody flag of a Pirate—the fate of Pirates will sooner or later be his fate, but enough of this, the object of this is, to thank you, you and you alone have written to us, from the Govt. of Texas we have not rec'd one word, not even one.

I thank you for your last letter, although it comes to us as the messenger of desolation and death, Justice will yet be done to you—Texas will rise again and your services will then be remembered.

We shall get some money here I think— I shall go immediately to the Western country

S. F. Austin

A true copy from the Original

Attest. A. C. Ainsworth.