Stephen F Austin to David G Burnet, 07-02-1836

Summary: Plans of Santa Anna to secure mediation of President Jackson. Advises discreet treatment of the army to avoid friction with Houston

At J. H. Bells Saturday July 2 1836.

Dr. Sir,

I have seen Santa Anna—he will write a letter to president Jackson requesting his mediation to terminate the war on the basis of a recognition of Texan independence etc. I will send this letter by the express to Gen. Gains and also a copy of it to him (Gains)

I am satisfied that Santa Anna wishes to end the war and stop the advance of the Mexican army— how is this to be done?— you will answer me by asking the same question— When I come down I will try to answer it.

The volunteers lately arrived at Galveston (Allen's company) I think ought to be sent to the town of Matagorda with all their provisions—also Wilson's and Harrison's corps as soon as they arrive, (they are from Lexington and Louisville) The commander of the army will of course be informed by you of all the orders that are issued as to the concentration of troops and supplies at the town of Matagorda— By his dispatch of 22 ult. he informs you that he intended to fall back to Caseys on Colorado which is only 25 miles above Matagorda.

I think that some prudence is necessary to avoid discord with Gen Houston— any precipitate action by you, at this time, may create an excitement in the army and will do it—

The whole country is turning out, so far as I have heard Is there any news from the Yellow Stone and Williams etc I think I will be down as far as Perry day after tomorrow

S. F. Austin [Rubric]

[Addressed:] President Burnet Velasco Mr Tennille