William S. Archer to Stephen F Austin, 07-03-1836

Summary: Replying to invitation to emigrate to Texas

Elk-Hill Va July 3d 1836

Dr Sir

On my way from the south, a few days ago, I met on the Road, My Relative Doct. B. T. Archer, who informed me that you had been good enough to unite with him, in a letter, to invite me to become an Emigrant to the beautiful country, with whose magnificent destinies, your name has become associated as a Founder. This letter, owing to the wandering life I have been lately leading, has not reached me, but the assurance that it has been written, no less binds me, not only to due acknowledgments for the favor, but to the expression of the gratification I have derived, from the evidence it affords of favorable opinion of me. This evidence I assure you that I appreciate highly—

Having seen a little, and heard a great deal from authentic sources, of your splendid Region, I can not doubt that it is destined to become one of the most desirable portions of the Globe, provided always (as the Law phrase is) that the government to be established, do not counteract the physical advantages, as it is the tendency of all the Governments established in our Western Country Eventually to do. Good Government can only be set up in the infancy and outset of states, as it never retrogrades from bad to good though it so often changes in the contrary directions.

You will be united I hope and think, very speedily, with our confederation, a result equally to be desired on your account and ours— But, the character of the state government you may form, will be matter of far more importance both to yourselves, and those who may be disposed to come among you. I take the freedom of indulging this remark, because my own determination in regard to Emigration will be much influenced by this consideration.

I expect to be in Texas This Fall, and to have the opportunity of expressing in person my acknowledgments for the courtesy I have received from you,

Wm. S. Archer

S. F. Austin Esqr.

[Addressed:] Stephen F. Austin Esqr Velasco Texas