Branch T Archer to John T Mason, 07-23-1836

Summary: Concerning authorship of Edward's History of Texas

July 23th 1836

Genl. J. T. Mason,

Your letter address'd to Genl. S. F. Austin, directed to my care, has been duly delivered. I stated to you in Orleans; that during the winter of the present year, Genl Austin and myself were in the Town of Louisville Kty, where Genl, Austin was informed that a Book was in press in the Town of Cincinnati, Call'd the History of Texas; And you suspected to be the author of said book which information was given to Genl Austin in the Town of Louisville; And to me in the Town of Cincinnati.

I Have no knowledge, that Genl Austin made a single remark in relation to the Author, of said History touching his character as a man of truth. The remarks in relation to the author were made by me in Cincinnati; If any one is responsible for the matter, connected with the Book aforesaid, I am the man

Permit me sir, in the kindest feeling to remark, that my letter address'd to you in Orleans, of date 5th of July, should, and I trusted would, be perfectly satisfactory on the subject of the Book and that no imputation can fall upon you from any remark made in relation to it.

B. T. Archer

[Addressed:] Genl. John T. Mason New York Mail