Stephen F Austin to Unknown, xx-xx-xxxx

Summary: Geographical notes by Austin.

According to the most accurate data we can obtain the mouth of Sabine is in Latitude 29 30 north

The point on Red River where the boundary between the U. S. and Texas strikes Red River is Lat. 33 N. which makes this boundary three degrees and a half long North and South or 243 miles—

The mouth of Nueces River, by which is meant the outlet of the Nueces bay known as the pass of Corpus Cristi is in Lat 27 30

The head of Red River is in about Lat. 34 which gives six and a half degrees of Lat. equal to 451 1/2 miles— This would give 347 1/4 miles as the average width of Texas North and South.

The mouth of the Sabine is about Longitude 17 west of Washington— The pass of Corpus Cristi is about 20 —West of Washington— which gives 3 degrees of Longitude, in a direct line East and West

The length of an East and West line on Lat. 33 from the boundary of the U. S. to the head of Red River is about 12 degrees of Longitude— Which gives seven and a half degrees of Longitude, as the average length of Texas East and West calculating the degrees of Longitude at 50 miles on an average it gives 375 miles—

according to this estimate Texas contains 1931021 square miles between the Sabine and Nueces, and between Red River and Gulf of Mexico—

S. F. Austin